Hello Welcome Home…….

Isn’t it lovely, all alone?

Heart made of glass, my mind of stone

Tear me to pieces, skin and bone

Hello, welcome home

Driving back home and singing out loud, to the lyrics of Billie Eilish and Khalid’s single – lovely, our recent favorite, what struck my mind was how undeniably depressing yet relatable the song was. Depressing, I dare say that, isn’t some word you throw around every now and then, especially with the fear of being vulnerable.

“You aren’t depressed you just slept a little too much.”

“Depression! What does that even mean?”

“Drink water, you will be fine, water cures it all.”

“Don’t say that out loud, no one is going to marry you if you do.”

“That’s crazy, you aren’t crazy, hope you are not.”

The opinions and advises never stops getting weirder. Nobody wants that, isn’t being trapped in the hurricane of your own overpowering, undesirable and unavoidable thoughts, quiet enough to live with. But if it wasn’t something meaningful than how would a song whose lyrics encrypts the outcry of a soul needing to set free of its misery find it’s place in the hearts of millions of people around the world. Music makes people realize and let go of all the inhibitions that is deep centered in their inability to accept that their flaws are as natural as their existence. “Lovely” does that to me.

Being trapped isn’t really a physical thing when it comes to depression but the pain it comes with, definitely is. And the reason can be anything; anything that can trigger your fear. The fear of drowning in the sea of your anguish. It’s hard to explain, understanding it isn’t easy either. The finest of the people have at least at one point of their life, gone through this phase. But music somehow heals you, takes you to the world where you feel you belong to, says things you could only imagine of ever having the courage to say out loud, and brings you peace. That is why they say music is therapeutic. For me it definitely is. So till the day there is music, there is hope. And with hope, comes the desire to live, a bit better than yesterday with an anticipated future of perfection. Your Perfection.

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