Have you ever found yourself at a place, where all you wanted was to hide yourself from that constant gaze? Or may be that unwanted hand sliding upon your face, onto your arms, or may be your thighs;

“That was just a friendly gesture I don’t think he even noticed.

Really, if that is the case then how does he manage to keep repeating his “friendly gesture” and every single time fails to notice it.

You are over-reacting, he is a nice guy, and maybe he likes you.”

Dear Ladies and Gents,

Don’t you feel at some point in your life you may have had a similar conversation with a dear one or with yourself as well, to put some sense into what may have had happened to you. You don’t have to be a woman to have, a choice, to be stared at or to be touched; men have their off limits too. There are boundaries that each us have created for our own satiety. And anyone crossing that not only makes us uncomfortable but also creates a sense of insecurity.

You are having goose bumps for all the wrong reasons and they on the other hand are making another confident move. No matter how silly it may seem when you think of it, but some people really need a piece of your mind when it comes to stating your periphery.

“He was a stranger, may be of my dad’s age,”

 “She was my best friend,”

“He is my uncle,”

“He was a colleague at work,”

“She is my mom’s friend.”

The list goes on and on, so does the implausible idea of relationship we presume having with them. But with all honesty, they are nothing but perverted beings trying to scar the long layered skin of resistance we created to keep ourselves safe. It is not about wrong or right; it’s just about how it supposes to be. So speak your heart out, let them know in the kindest way possible, you don’t have to be loud, just be clear. Watch their pride and their hands slide away cautiously in order to conceal their prejudice, their face of perversion.


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