It was during the class for Service Marketing, I guess. I watched the guy next to me making doodles all over his notes. He does that pretty often. He is so good at it. I don’t think he was disinterested in the lecture, he was just creatively distracted. I see a lot of me in him. A lot of what I used to be (Not a doodle artist though). It is kind of refreshing. And this makes my curious mind juggling with so many questions, the most important one being

“Is it only me or have you people ever seen a hint of yourself in another person?”

That can be your child, your friend, your sibling or just a random stranger on the phone having a conversation you feel you may have already had and seemingly know what’s coming.

The trick here is to stay quiet, and if you are lucky enough, watch the story unfold itself. Histories conceivably not repeat this time. Positive or otherwise, everyone’s journey, though looks similar but is quiet different, with presumed different destinations. Your normal might be someone else’s BEST and your worst be someone else’s BETTER.

Giving up on, to your exuberance and instructing people what they ought to do, to be better is the worst piece of advice one can offer to another person. Let them have their full fledged journey of bumps, falls and rises.

I realized this as life happened, living on both the sides, one the observer, expectedly the second being an observee. Becoming “your” best, invariably wanting others to be “your” best isn’t always the right way of exploring the endless expedition of shaping your life.

You may not succeed; it isn’t a game to do. You may just end up becoming creatively distracted like the guy next to me (making doodles) and obviously me (watching him).

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