Hectic schedules seldom allow us to maintain an extravagant skin care regime. A date, catching up with friends or a party to attend all we want is that glowing, supple and healthy looking skin to flaunt with the daily dose of confidence along. So buckle up for the go-to easy, simple and natural tips for a brighter, radiant and glowing face.


Using ice cubes directly on your face or dunking your face in a big bowl of ice cube is quick fix to dullness, sun burn, lessens the visibility of pores and swollen eyes (puffy morning face). It also helps in reducing pimple inflammation (do not rub it on a pimple though). Trying dunking your face in a big bowl of ice cubes before any event gives a radiant glow to your face. If there is time at hand try using green tea ice cubes, saffron rose water ice cubes or simple rose water ice cubes.


The best way to have a healthy, soft and supple looking face is to rub ripe papaya slices on your face. “Rub” for 10 minutes in gentle circular motion, instead of using as a face-pack as it would help blood circulation and better penetration. let the liquid papaya residue dry on your face for 20 more minutes than wash with water and pat dry. Papaya acts as a natural moisturizer and helps reducing pigmentation if used twice a week.


Coffee powder along with either honey or a few drops of water or glycerin can be used as a face-pack or a scrub gives a instant glow to your face. The anti-oxidant properties in coffee calms your skin and also helps in treating sun burns. Using coffee powder on your face can give you a matte look and lessens the visibility of dark circles and fine lines.


Stuck with stubborn acne scar and pigmentation coconut water is your Holy Grail. Apply coconut water on your face with a cotton ball and keep it overnight. Wash it with cold water the next morning. The benefits could been seen with consistent use. The instant benefits includes lightened spots and a glowing even complexion.


Freeze a tomato for half an hour and rub it on your face for 10 minutes allowing the residue to dry for 20 minutes followed by cleaning it by using a wet towel. This would make your skin soft, supple, reduces pore size, give a hint of shine and glow to your face. It also helps with discoloration or uneven skin tone.


Sandalwood rose water paste made from from a sandalwood stick and stone grinder is always a better option than packaged sandalwood powder. Used as a 20 minutes face-pack, it helps lightening dark spots, scars, reducing inflamed pimples, treating severe sunburns, and in giving a blemish free bright complexion.


Want a natural peel-off mask then egg white is your best option. It removes all the dirt from your skin, exfoliating and deep cleansing clogged pores, it even helps in removing black heads, white heads and dead cells. An Egg white mask gives a clear,matte,fresh and bright look to your face.

Indulge in these quick tips and experience beautiful glowing supple face.

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