Physical wellness vs Mental wellness – The ongoing dilemma

I always wonder why is physical health so much more prominent than mental health could ever be.

No one tells you to stop feeling the pain from a cut or an injury. You don’t just stop bleeding from an injury without assistance or just by thinking of something else. And that’s how it should be.

But when it comes to bouts of anxiety, pounding heart, and a churning belly……there are a thousand of unrelated solutions…”it would fade away”…may be it’s the truth but what if it comes back again, and again and again. Subsequently you keep losing control over it.

Oh please everyone has problems in their lives, I don’t see them as miserable as you are, why are you never happy?….. You make people around you unhappy too….Why don’t you try changing this?

I wish I had the answers…a full proof solution…. But I don’t…..And may be many, who go through this unanswered soreness in their lives have no answers as well. It’s not something you choose. Nobody wants to choose unhappiness over anything in this world. Nobody want to choose to be miserable. Nobody wants the feeling to be sick to their guts.

It’s definitely not easy for the people around. But does hiding it make it go away. Does hiding it make it less painful.

What do you mean by painful, you are fine….

I hope I could show where it hurts exactly..I hope at least I knew where it hurts exactly…

Why isn’t an accident shameful? Why isn’t a disease shameful? Or let me put it in this way……Why is being depressed shameful? Why is being anxious embarrassing?

May each one of us find our answers…..May the lines of differences drawn between physical and mental pain be a little less darker……

All you can do is hope, love, support and most importantly UNDERSTAND…

One thought on “Physical wellness vs Mental wellness – The ongoing dilemma

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  1. Hiding never gets it away, it rather may accentuate the existing situation but it helps to ease out your level of anxiety momentarily, it does for me.When you drift alone and you have issues ,the gravity and sensitivity of which is hard to be appreciated by someone other , you feel very uncomfortable to share,you try to solve on your own to get out of it , you succeed many a times but you do face failure often, depression could be a consequence henceforth.


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